Interesting Findings – Week 8

Stat of the Week No. 1: The Oakland Raiders have won their past two games by a combined 92-17.

Stat of the Week No. 2: The Miami Dolphins are undefeated on the road and without a victory at home this season.

Stat of the Week No. 3: Tom Brady is on a 24-0 streak in regular-season home games.

Stat of the Week No. 4: At 4:38 p.m. ET on Oct. 31, with only a few hours remaining in the month, the Arizona Cardinals completed their first touchdown pass of the month.

Stat of the Week No. 5: The Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys, playoff teams from 2009, are on a combined 3-14 streak.

Stat of the Week No. 6: All NFC West teams have been outscored.

Stat of the Week No. 7: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won five straight on the road.

Stat of the Week No. 8: From the end of their Week 7 game to the beginning of their Week 8 game, the Steelers were stopped on four consecutive snaps inside the opponents’ 2.

Stat of the Week No. 9 (College Bonus): Tufts University gained 671 yards on offense, made 36 first downs, scored 49 points — and lost. See below.

Stat of the Week No. 10: In the past two seasons, the Detroit Lions are 2-0 against the Washington Redskins and 2-19 against all other teams.

BONUS Stat of the Week: Discman has 2199.20 points against, more than anyone else has points for.  Breaking down the schedule, Flower Eater would have the same record as Discman (@ 3-5), but UKnowThatILoveUBoy!! (with the most points for @ 2190.35) would be at 2-6 if they played Discman’s schedule, respectfully.

Can Anyone Understand the Chargers? “San Diego’s special teams are by far the worst in the history of Football Outsiders’ metrics” — Football Outsiders, on the morning of the Bolts-Titans contest. Coming in, San Diego had allowed four kick return touchdowns, plus had three of its own kicks blocked. Sunday, the Chargers surrendered a safety on a botched punt snap and botched a PAT attempt. Another monster offensive day — 456 yards — brought them a rare win.

Check the stats leader board — San Diego continues to be first in the league in four of the six major team-stats categories. Yet the Bolts are 3-5. Has there ever been a case of a team that boasts such fantastic statistics yet owns a losing record?

As for the Titans, you wouldn’t guess this, but they are the NFL’s highest-scoring team, with the best net-points differential. This stat is a little soft, because the bye weeks don’t end until mid-November — Tennessee has played one more game than some other teams. Still, “Tennessee Titans” and “high scoring” don’t usually occur together.

Cheer-Babe Professionalism Watch: It was Halloween, yet cheerleaders of the Cowboys, Jets, Chiefs, Rams and Niners (San Francisco was home team of record for the London game) did not sport naughty Halloween costumes. What’s up with that? The Chargers, Saints and Colts cheerleaders were in Halloween costumes, and the Chargers, Saints and Colts recorded important wins.

To Make Playoffs To Win Super Bowl To Get First Overall Pick
1 KC 94.2% 1 NYG 16.0% 1 BUF 48.8%
2 NE 90.6% 2 KC 13.1% 2 CAR 20.5%
3 NYG 90.2% 3 NE 12.0% 3 DAL 16.4%
4 ATL 89.8% 4 PIT 10.4% 4 DEN 7.5%
5 PIT 87.4% 5 PHI 10.3% 5 CIN 2.5%


Team #1 Pick Top 3 Pick 0-16 1-15
BUF 48.8% 82.7% 2.2% 11.9%
CAR 20.5% 65.6%   2.0%
DAL 16.4% 56.9%   2.1%
DEN 7.5% 38.6%    
CIN 2.5% 15.0%    
DET 1.4% 8.3%    
CLE 1.3% 8.1%    
SF 0.5% 5.8%    



“It’s never a fluke with us. We have the talent. We’re probably the most talented team in the National Football League.”

Raiders cornerback Chris Johnson proclaiming the 3-4 Oakland Raiders to be the most talented team in the league after the team’s surprising 59-14 win over the Broncos


“I’m not good enough to play the 3-4.”

— Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth declaring that he, the highest paid defensive player in the history of the NFL, is not good enough to be a nose tackle in a 3-4 defensive scheme

The Raiders may finally sell out a game this week.

According to NFL Network’s Steve Wyche, Vikings coach Brad Childress is getting skewered in Minnesota.


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